Monday, August 2, 2010

Back again with more atc's

It has been a very quiet spring, and the last two challenge swaps on the PDA atc group were pulled thru lack of support. LAst month we restarted our little game and the theme set was "Nature". Entries were still disappointing but we had some wonderful atc's to show for it. We can only hope that as the summer progresses more members will take part. Here are the entries for the July challenge:-

 from Linda Freeman

 from Jean E Roman

from Lydia HIldebrandt

from Melanie Price

from John Dyhouse

Why not take a trip over to PDA and find out about the free images from Kim Newberg, and the group activities. Membership is free and it is easy to sign up. If you are a member of the NING network already, it is even easier.

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