Monday, May 5, 2014

PDA, ATC challenge/swap: theme = Queen/Royalty; (#48)

Another day another blog post.

Well a new month, anyway. I didn't intend to make it seem as if it is a chore, the quote just came to mind when I was thinking about how to start this post. Shall I start again - no, let it stand or fall on it's  merits.

Do you have days llike this; when you just can't see the wood for the trees - I really must stop using cliches, and get on with the main business of the post. The results of a new ATC challenge on PDA. The theme for challenge #48 was QUEEN/ROYALTY. Note, not The Queen. I gave the entrants carte blanche to interpret the subject in any way they saw fit.

Here are the entries for challenge #48:

by Barbara

By Gretchen

By John (1)

By John (2) 

By Karen

By Penny

By Rosie

I think you might agree there are some interesting interpretations of the theme this time.

There are lots of things going on in the groups on PDA and you could undoubtably find something to interest you, why not browse over and see if I am right.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

PDA, ATC challenge/swap: theme = Music; (#47)

This challenge continues to roll along. It might feel that it is a safe haven for a small number of ATC artists on the PDA site, however it does throw up some surprisingly good interpretations of the themes set.

I sometimes wonder if those themes should introduce newer techniques, since the majority of our entries are basically simple collages. Oh, there is nothing wrong in that - I became addicted to ATC's because I found collages so appealing. Possibly because of a change from my paintings, and the manner in which I could interpret a story in pictures by using simple images. And I loved being able to decide on the composition before glueing it all together.

I am of a mind however to set a technique rather than a theme to see how the participants (including myself) cope with moving out of a comfort zone. But in the meantime here are the entries from this months challenge.

 By Barbara

By John (1)

By John (2) 

By Josie

By Kaylene

By Maya

By Penny(1)

By Penny(1) 

By Gretchen

Interested? Try our little ATC challenge/trade on PDA by Kim Newberg.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

PDA, ATC challenge/swap: theme = illusion; (#46)

Another month another challenge, disappointingly small entries for this month. I had hoped for more as we have had a new influx of members to PDA but it seems to have been a difficult month for the regular members, as far as time is concerned.

But here are the entries and this has elicited some fairly unique images with the interpretations of this theme, ILLUSION(S):-

Note to entrants: if you wish a link to yor own blog, please contact me via PDA, John

By Rosie, Look closely at the eyes and follow what you see

By Ian

By Ian, concentrate on the negative space between the faces

By Gretchen
The quote is behind vellum and reads, "Depending on the reality one must face, one may prefer to opt for illusion." By Judith Guest in Ordinary People

By Mara, can you see the face. 
Tip - the darker area from top to bottom could be the portraits hair. Try screwing your eyes up.

Both the last two by John

By Barbara, wishful thinking?

Well I hoped that you enjoyed the cards from this challenge, I certainly found the interpretation difficult but some very good takes on the theme here.

If you are interested in taking part in any future challenges, take a look at Paper and digital Art (PDA), you will be made most welcome. Simply join PDA (Free) and then join the artist trading card group (also free)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

PDA, ATC challenge/swap: theme = open theme; (#45)

After an extended break over christmas I have finally posted the entries for last Decembers challenge. Still a small but enthusiastic bunch of entrants. And of course some wonderful art cards to end the year on.

As usual, all atc/aceo artists are welcome to join PDA (Paper and Digital Art) and join in our current challenge/swaps. You will have to be a member of PDA but it is free and there are many other groups which may well whet your appetite to be creative with images.

As usual, I will simply post the images with the first name of the artist. Don't forget alll entrants are able to request a link to any web site they are involved with or run. Just get in touch with me via the group/PDA or leave a comment below.




 John (2)



Tee gave us something very different and I must admit it is something I would very much like to try for myself.

Neat, don't you think

Nnormal service will now be resumed and the next theme is "ILLUSION", why not give it a go?