Tuesday, February 5, 2013

PDA Challenge /swap #35 (theme=OBSESSION)

The christmas challenge had a limited entry from the members of PDA. I know that christmas is a very busy period and have not run a challenge in December in the past but I did reserve the right to extend the deadline for January. However, participation was still very low. Was it the theme - did it prove TOO CHALLENGING?

Here are the entries that did come in, despite the theme:-

from ROSIE

from Kaylene

from JOHN

from JOHN

Hope next months will attract a larger entry, I have bowed to pressure (LOL) and selected "VALENTINE". Feel free to join us, membership of PDA is free with lots of activities in the groups.

PDA Challenge /swap #34 (theme=Misfortune)

Misfortune, this months theme for the atc/aceo artists group on PDA. Some great artist trading cards created for this challenge and some wonderful interpretations. Here are the entries:-



She had the misfortune to be drawn both ways from JOHN

Miss Fortune, a very lucky lady from JOHN


'Misfortune' (for the Mama Bird ~ but fortunate for the cat) from LYDIA

from  ROSIE

More so than is normal the titles of some of these cards are part of the fun, why not join us for one of our challenges. You need to be a member of PDA, but it is free to join and lots of activities to get involved with.

PDA Challenge /swap #33 (theme=WEATHER)

A little late with this one but 2012 was a very bad year for me with family issues and I have done a minimum to keep up with on-line tasks, catching up now!

If you want to join in this challenge then if you are a member of PDA browse over to the ATC/ACEO artists group from any page of the PDA site.

If you are not yet a member of PDA, it is free to join and there are many groups creating all sorts of crafts from mixed media and collage, including digital. Read about PDA.

As usual, I will now post the entries from the members of the group,

from LYDIA

from Rosie



from JOHN

from JOHN


Thanks to the members of PDA who created the wonderful entries for this challenge. Why not pop over to PDA and join us.