Thursday, March 10, 2011

First challenge of the new year

Yes it is MArch already but I have a little catching up to do. This post covers the January challenge, with a theme of coffee. This was left open for the artist to interpret the theme as they saw fit or indeed as they wanted to. Six entries this month, a very small percentage of the members, but again I think the general standard is very high. It sometimes feels a little lonely running a challenge every month but the entries We do receive make it all worth while. If you are interested in joining in with a no pressure challenge wherein your trading partner is selected at random then why not mosey on over to PDA and give us a once over.  That wait to find out which card you are getting can be exhilerating or maybe you are a relaxed individudal who could just wait and see?

Anyway here are the entries in no particular order:-

by Lydia

by Amy

 by Teresa

by Jean

by John

by Melanie

All entries receive a collage sheet as a small thank you for entering the challenge. I awarded a prize for my own personal favourite to Melanie, for a very simple but effective idea which used the theme so very well.

Keep creating and I will be posting the results of the next challenge very soon.

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