Monday, October 31, 2011

ATC challenge /swap #24 (Theme =Mirror) closing date September 30th

Here is another set of ATC's entered for this month's challenge / swap.The theme of "MIRROR" seemed to get the juices flowing for some members and there were some great takes on the theme.

 By Mara

 By Cynthia

 By Tee

 By Jean

By John

Don't forget, If you would lilke to take part in the swap, you must be a member of PDA and join the ATC and ACEO artists group. There are many advantages to belonging to PDA not least the wonderful free images from Kim Newberg . I will not list them here but why not surf on over and take a look for yourselves.

Once again thanks to the artists who have entered cards for this month's swap.


  1. These are all fabulous entries! You always come up with the best themes John!

  2. Mara, your card is absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to see it fer reel!

  3. Thanks to all the artists taking part in this challenge