Thursday, March 4, 2010

Theme: Vintage Deadline Feb 14th (swap 4)

Hi Everyone,
below are the entries for the ATC swap Theme: Vintage

If you would like to see all of the details of this swap or participate in future swaps, please stop by the ATC ACEO swap group or the PaperDigitalArt and imagesbykim forum

ATC's were traded as follows:

1.John Dyhouse
2.Lydia Hildebrandt
3.Kim Newberg
4.Jan Lambert
6.Lynda Gilchuk
7.Suzanne Delaney
8.Jean E. Roman
9.Julia Eleazer

Timestamp: 2010-02-16 08:57:25 UTC ( for new players, if you register with you can use this timestamp to see - and confirm the result).

This challenge also includes a challenge winner chosen by the group administrator John Dyhouse. Congrats to Thelma Findlay, she receives 2 PDA points to spend or accumulate for a variety of crafty artsy stuff.

Thelma Findlay Challenge Winner
Julia Eleazer

John Dyhouse

Jean Roman

Jan Lambert

Suzanne Delaney

Lynda Gilchuk

Lydia Hildebrandt

Kim Newberg

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