Saturday, April 7, 2012

PDA ATC Challenge #'28, theme = broken pieces

Another small but creative set of entries for this theme proving that the members of PDA are on the ball, speaking artistically.
Although not an easy theme - after I set it, I had some difficulty knowing just where I was going - there were as intimated above some really fantastic entries. So without further ado, let me show you them.
 By Linda Nelligan

 By Maggie

 By Tee

 By John

 By Josie Hancock

By Susan Howes Rix

Once again my thanks to all those who entered and if you feel that you would like to take a peek at the group or the community which is growing rapidly browse on over to Paper Digital Art and ImagesbyKim where you will find a friendly welcome.


  1. These are such interesting and varied responses to the topic.

  2. Great entries and such a variation in the interpretation of the topic...!!

  3. Thank you both, I agree that the variation of the members entries is amazing.

  4. Very nice work! I love the variation as well. It is evident that the interpretation was different for all. Isn't it wonderful that NOT ALL creative minds think alike!!