Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PDA, ATC challenge/swap: theme = Seeing Red; (#44)

Hi here we are again with more ATC's from the monthly challenge over at PDA. Another batch of great interpretations of this theme. I seem to be getting in a rut with the fefw wordsd I include with the images, so this time lets move quickly on and forget the crap.

by Amanda Jane

by Barbara (hold it up to the light and see the transformation)

by Gretchen

by John

by John

by Kaylene

by Rosie

As usual, I will extend the hand of friendship to all who would like to participate in this small and friendly group on PDA. You do need to be a member (PDA is on the Ning network) but it is free and easy to sign up. Trade partners are selected at random so you can never be sure who you will be trading with or what you will be receiving in exchange for your card however some people think this is a fun aspect of this trade. Similar to blindswaps if you have ever participated.


  1. Glad to see this blog is active! I am checking out all the blogs on the PDA main page and some are no longer active or have just disappeared. This looks to be an interesting group. I am a follower now and will think about joining a swap one day.

    1. I use this as a way of making the group archives active. Although the images are available on the PDA site, It always seems quite a problem to get them all together in one place. Unfirunately they are not always posted on the album pages AND tagged which is needed to find them.

    2. Meant to say that the next swap is imminent, watch the group thread or the front page blog