Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PDA, ATC challenge/swap: theme = Imagined Lands (#42)

A very quick post for this and the next couple as I am having to catch up. Holidays and life in general have meant that this blog is lagging behind the actual challenge on the PDA site, I need to rectify the situation. So here are the entries for this challenge:-

By Amanda Jane

By Barbara

By John

By John 

By John 

By John 

By Kaylene

By Pauline

By Penny

By Tee

If I seem to have made a lot of cards for this challenge, it is because of an error on my part when randomising the lists for trade partners. I missed out one of the participants and it was easier to trade twice than change the partners list, when I found out. The reason why I make two cards for my partner is historical , but I have carried on making two for each challenge and am like ly to do so into the future. Anyway I love making ATC's and do not do anywhere near enough because of time constraints, so I am happy with the arrangement.

Don't forget check out the PDA site, if you are not a member, for free images and "crafty" challenges.

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